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Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
2:16 pm

hello, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Crystal and do to a series of sudden turns in my life i find myself dreaming dreams again. This time they take me to Egyptian beliefs. Of Isis and horus and a handful of different energy pracices that i dont compleatly understand.

Im trying to peace together a past life that im getting bits and pieces from. there was something there that was burried in the past. Im looking for something, anything that might allow me to remember what happened and why all the temples fell and why everyone had to run. if anyone can help it would be greatly apreciated.

blessed be

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Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
10:58 pm

Hello! I'm in the Colorado area and I've been involved in the healing community lately. I have learned a lot about healing so far (and want to learn more), but I need some healing work; there's some suppressed stuff (I can feel it as a big knot in the pit of my stomach, and I can't seem to get rid of it; it's really slowing me down). I'm looking for the resources to do both. Any help, prayers, whatever would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

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Monday, March 21st, 2005
2:03 pm - What everyone should know.


What everyone should know about low sugar cold cereals. Details insideCollapse )

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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
11:01 am - Ever heard of sunberry, Daughters of Ra?

Sunberry, also known as seaberry, also known as sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) is a thorny bush that grows in Asia and Europe. It bears orange to dark red colored berries which are usually too sour for humans to eat raw without adding sugar but loved by the birds and the wildlife. It can grow virtually on any soil and can tolerate drought but requires a full sun.

Seaberry oil (Hippophae Oleum) has been used to heal burns and all kinds of skin conditions, including rosacea, since ancient times. It is also a valuable source of vitamins, a very effective rejuvenating cosmetics, the most efficient sun screen, a traditional ulcer treatment, often recommended even by modern doctors. The ability of seaberry oil to speed up the regeneration of tissues has been proven by recent medical research. It was used to heal even radiation burns and was given to Russian astronauts to combat the damaging effects of space radiation. In fact, it will help to heal any skin or muscous membrane deseases.

Asian women used it for vaginal problems for thousands of years. In part the Russian women owe the beauty of their smooth skin to the magical cosmetic properties of the seaberry oil. It is also considered to be one of the best sexual lubricants.

The dark red-orange colored fruit oil is gentler in action and has more flavor compared to the seed oil however it has more vitamin A and C and for the best effect both should be combined or alternated. Both oils are edible and no allergies has been reported up to date. It is often used as a baby oil.

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Thursday, September 9th, 2004
11:31 am - Have not posted here in a while. Interesting insight


Light at Night May Be Linked to Cancer.Disrupting the Body's Internal *Clock* Could Have ImpactCollapse )

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Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
1:35 pm - the brain's centre of reasoning is among the last areas to mature!



brains and youth
Brain blamed for teen stroppiness

Scientists have discovered that the brain's centre of reasoning is among the last areas to mature.

The finding, by a team at the US National Institute of Mental Health, may help to explain why teenagers often seem to be so unreasonable.

Researchers used imaging techniques to show "higher order" brain areas do not develop fully until young adulthood.

The research is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The decade-long study used magnetic resonance imaging to follow the development of the brains of 13 health children every two years as they grew up.

It is a smart sequence in terms of evolution and individual development.
Dr Judith Rapoport
The aim was to get a better picture of how the brain develops so that it would be easily to pin down abnormalities that occur in conditions such as schizophrenia.

The researchers found that grey matter - the working tissue of the brain's cortex - diminishes in a back-to-front wave over time.

They believe this is a key part of the maturation process, whereby unused and unneeded connections between brain cells are gradually destroyed.

They found the first areas to mature were those with the most basic functions, such as processing the senses and movement.

Next came areas, such as the parietal lobes, involved in spatial orientation and language.

Last to mature were areas such as the prefrontal cortex with more advanced functions such as integrating information from the senses and reasoning.

The sequence of maturation seen by the researchers in the developing brain roughly parallels the evolution of the brain from lower order mammals to the highly complex organ that is found in man.

For instance, the prefrontal cortex emerged late in evolution and is among the last to mature.

Researcher Dr Judith Rapoport told BBC News Online: "Maturation starts with more basic facilities such as vision and hearing and then goes on to the ability to integrate and organise many inputs, to weigh consequences of behaviours and to relate to others.

"It is a smart sequence in terms of evolution and individual development."

Grey matter

It has long been thought that the brain produces too much grey matter during the first 18 months of life, and that this is followed by a steady decline as unused circuitry is discarded.

Several years ago the NIMH team discovered a second wave of grey matter over-production just prior to puberty, followed by a second bout of "use-it-or-lose-it" pruning during the teen years.

In a previous study, the same team also found that teenagers who became psychotic prior to puberty lost four times the normal amount of grey matter in their frontal lobes.

This, they argued, suggested that childhood onset schizophrenia may be due to an exaggeration of the normal maturation process, possibly leading to the destruction of potentially useful brain circuits.

By contrast, autism has been associated with an increase, rather than the normal decrease, in grey matter.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2004/05/18 11:04:33 GMT


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Friday, February 13th, 2004
9:28 pm - Em Hotep

I wanted to take a second and introduce myself. My name is Aimee, and I am a daughter of Ra, Sobek, Djehuty, Bast, and Heru-sa-Aset. I have been called into healing arts, and am just beginning my path. My first steps are that I have been called and instructed to create different types of natron.

I'm currently making a calming-type blend of natron. It has clary sage, lavendar and tangerine in it. I've got this and plain natron that I have taken time to watch and pray over. I will be creating a healing-type blend and a meditaion-type blend as well, in the near future. I'm quite pleased with the way it's turned out, and if anyone would like to get some from me, I'll be happy to sell you a reasonable quantity at a reasonable price. Anyone interested?

If you ahve questions about the quality of the product, please feel free to ask nemtetsemnewty, childofra or luellon, as they are all quite familiar with my product. Or, you can e-mail me at SobeksDragon@yahoo.com, if you like, and I'll be happy to answer your questions.


(cross posted to both kemetic_paths and daughters_of_re)

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
7:23 am - New Member Introduction

Hi. I just received my certificate of completion for Level I Gendai Reiki on Sunday, 1-11. So, I'm on a quest. I do a lot of journal time, so I thought joining here would be a good start. Kansas City middle-aged mother of three, saying "Hi."

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Saturday, November 22nd, 2003
7:26 am - My personal NDE

Just a quick link for whom might be interested to read about my own near-death experience.

If you are respectful for and interested in my personal struggle in soul-searching, comment in my LJ and add me. If we click, I might add you back and give you access to more entries (there are different levels in my LJ). Just give me some time to know you and trust you.

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2003
8:28 pm - Netjer, Medicine and healing

God, Medicine and HealingCollapse )

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Sunday, November 2nd, 2003
11:07 pm - kemetic_paths


kemetic_paths is a new non aligned alternative community journal for all religious paths that are interested in both Kemet and the Netjeru (Ntrw/Ntjrw).

Come take a look at kemetic_paths

If you are Kemetic reconstructionist in your world view, Egyptian pagan, a practitioner of Tamaran Wicca or a member of FoI or a member of any path that honour both Netjer and Kemet in some way, this community**maybe for you.

Rules are few in number, explicit in description and are uniformly inforced. There will be no exceptions

For further information, click on kemetic_paths to access the information page.

Thank you


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Friday, October 24th, 2003
1:52 pm - Joyful News and odd request

Hotep everyone:

Have a favour of you who are members of Kemetic communities such as Sechem; Kemet and even Kemetic Unity.

Can you cross post with to the community proper its self ***once*** you have received written authorization to do so from that community maintainer.

I wish members of these communities to know the following.

As some of you are aware, my mother has been diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin.

The surgical date was set to be on 5 November, 2003 at 14:35 hours.

I am writing to tell you that the tumour on her face adjacent to her right nostrel is no longer visible to the naked eye.

If you palpate the area, you will still feel residual traces of tumour but I suspect, this will disappear within a week or two.

Slightly more than 4 weeks ago, it was the circumference between between a quarter and a half dollar US.

It had the mass of a small key lime

It was considered to be a large mass made up of extremely fast growing cells.

At the time the diagnosis was confirmed via biopsy, I was told that surgical intervention was and is the only treatment option for this type of fast growing tumour.

This is still the position of mother's physician. Of course he has not seen her face and lack of cancerous neoplasm.

Thank you everyone who has taken the time to pray and do heka on my mother's behave

I am sure her dermatologist will term this state of affairs as being a miraculous cure.

Mother and I are very thankful and much in your debt



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Saturday, October 18th, 2003
10:13 am - What do you get when.......?

What do you get when .........? (lengthy text and multiple graphics)Collapse )

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Friday, October 10th, 2003
1:08 am - Natural abortion with essential oils?

i stole this from kosherpork and found it interesting.

I was reading this book, Aromatherapy Handbook <http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/asin/089281831x/qid%3d1065709876/sr%3d11-1/ref%3dsr%5f11%5f1/104-8361704-5199940>, and saw this passage:

"During pregnancy do not use the following oils in high doses in baths or body oils, since they have an abortive effect:

basil, camphor, carrot seed, cedarwood, clove, frankincense, hyssop, juniper, myrrh, oregano, rosemary, sage, verbena

The following essential oils should only be used in low doses in the early months of pregancy: clary sage, geranium, peppermint, rose, rosemary. Other oils, such as pennyroyal, sassafras, and clove, are also known to have an abortive effect but are not used in cosmetics."

I don't know if it's true, but I thought is was interesting.

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Thursday, October 9th, 2003
3:46 pm - Astrological Hours for the heck of it and topics for those interested in medicine and other sciences


Jupiter goes about and executes. This is an excellent hour for just about any task. Its influence is said to be very fortunate for those things begun at this time. Dealings with lawyers, judges, stock brokers, merchants, clergymen, college professors, physicians, writers and publishers should go very well at this time.

Important formal civic functions go well at this time. Philanthropy in this hour tends to gain a higher recognition now than in other hours. It is one of the best times to initiate a lawsuit and seek justice.

Startling News For Babies Born In 2000

One in three babies born in the year 2000 is likely develop diabetes in his or her lifetime, with females and minorities facing the highest risk, according to new calculations by the Centers for Disease Control. While the report focused on millennium babies, the reality is that this should be a wake-up call for everyone.

This is really weird! Find out why scientists have determined that people who have short thighs are at a greater risk for diabetes.

The CDC report is the first time researchers have attempted to predict Americans' lifetime risk for acquiring type 2 diabetes. The findings are startling. By the year 2050, the number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes will increase a staggering 165 percent from the 17 million, or 7 percent of the population, that now have the disease. The No. 1 cause? Obesity. Getting diabetes at age 40 will cut about 15 years from your life.

Love a juicy steak or hamburger? Uh oh. Bad news. Click to find out why scientists think too much of a good thing could lead to type 2 diabetes.

Those of Hispanic descent face the greatest risk with nearly 53 percent of girls and 45 percent of boys born in 2000 will likely develop diabetes. In addition, about 40 percent of all black babies born in 2000 are expected to develop the disease. One in three while females and one in four white males will develop it at some point in their lives. To prevent diabetes, all you need to do is lose that extra weight, exercise about 30 minutes a day most days of the week, and eat healthy foods.

Fact or fiction: Will eating sugar cause diabetes? Click here and then click on the tab that says "Excess Sugar."

Books You Read Impact How You Dream

And you thought it was the red hot chili peppers that gave you those nightmares. It could have been your choice in books. Researchers from the University of Wales surveyed more than 10,000 adult and child library patrons and their choice in reading material and concluded there is a link between the type of books we read and the dreams we have, reports the BBC News.

The most common dream of all isn't the one where you're naked in the middle of a crowd. And it's not the one about missing the final exam after you forgot to attend class the entire semester. It's the one about...

Some of the interesting findings:
--Adults who read fiction have stranger dreams than adults who read nonfiction, and they are more likely to remember them upon waking.
--Those who read fantasy novels have more nightmares and "lucid" dreams, which are dreams in which we are aware we're dreaming.
--Love romance novels? Your dreams are emotionally intense.
--Children who read scary books are three times more likely to have nightmares than kids who don't read these books.

The position in which you sleep at night--whether it's all curled up in a fetal position or sprawled out across the bed--reveals your personality.

Study author Dr. Mark Blagrove told the BBC, "Reading affects children's dreams more, the younger they are." Here's the good news: The older we get the fewer nightmares we have.

This is the reason why waking up early is SO hard to do!

If Aliens Exist, They're Near This Star

If extraterrestrial life exists anywhere out there, astrobiologist Maggie Turnbull of the University of Arizona in Tucson thinks it's near a star named 37 Gem. This middle-aged star in the constellation of Gemini is at the top of a shortlist of 30 possible planets and stars that may be host to life, reports New Scientist magazine.

Are there aliens among us? Find out about recent sightings, learn about Area 51, and see what could be actual alien photos.

"This stable, middle-aged star is just a bit hotter and brighter than our sun. And if alien life is anywhere, it's likely to be there," reports New Scientist. Turnbull's list will be used by a NASA project called the Terrestrial Planet Finder, a space telescope that will be launched about 10 years from now to search for habitable planets.

In May 2003, three people driving at night in rural Georgia had a close encounter of the second kind. Click to read their spooky story--that some investigators are taking quite seriously.

Turnbull chose the neighborhood of 37 Gem as a likely place to host life because of two things: its age and the amount of heavy metal present when the star was formed. She also said it's the 37th brightest star in the constellation of Gemini (hence, the name) and looks most like our sun than any other star. "The closer we look, the more we realize how other stars are different from the sun," Turnbull explained to New Scientist.

Put outer space on your monitor! Take your pick of several screen savers, all of which are free to download. Selections include photographs of space shot by the Hubble Space Telescope, the Hale-Bopp comet, and much more.

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
5:20 pm - To Use Modern Jargon, "This Kicks ASS"!


American, British medics win Nobel

American Paul C. Lauterbur and Briton Sir Peter Mansfield won the 2003 Nobel Prize for medicine Monday for discoveries leading to a technique that reveals images of the body's inner organs.

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, has become a routine method for medical diagnosis and treatment. It is used to examine almost all organs without need for surgery, but is especially valuable for detailed examination of the brain and spinal cord. Lauterbur, 74, discovered the possibility of creating a two-dimensional picture by producing variations in a magnetic field. Lauterbur is at the Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Laboratory at the University of Illinois in Urbana.

Mansfield, 70, showed how the signals the body emits in response to the magnetic field could be mathematically analysed, which made it possible to develop a useful imaging technique. Mansfield also showed how extremely fast imaging could be achievable. This became technically possible within medicine a decade later.

Mansfield is at the University of Nottingham in Britain.

"Well it's, I suppose, every scientist's hope (that) one day that they maybe singled out for such an honor but I must say that in my case I did think about it a few years ago, but then dismissed it," he told Swedish radio.

MRI images "have an enormous impact on health care in the developed part of the world today," said Dr. Hans Ringertz, a Swedish specialist in diagnostic radiology.

Worldwide, more than 60 million investigations with MRI are performed each year, the Nobel Assembly said.

MRI represents "a breakthrough in medical diagnostics and research," the Assembly said.

Essentially, MRI turns hydrogen atoms in the body's tissues into tiny radio transmitters. Hydrogen atoms are plentiful because they're found in water molecules, which are very widespread in the body.

By tracking where those atoms are, an MRI machine can build up a picture of internal organs. It's a little like flying over a city at night, and discerning its outlines by noticing where the lights are.

The prize includes a check for 10 million kronor, or US$1.3 million, and bestows a deeper sense of academic and medical integrity upon the winners.

Nobel Assembly Secretary Hans Joernvall said he called Lauterbur at his home in Urbana.

"He was very difficult to wake up, so I didn't get that much discussion, but he realized it and above all his wife realized it," he said.

There are no set guidelines for deciding who wins. Alfred Nobel, who endowed the awards that bear his name, simply said the winner "shall have made the most important discovery within the domain of physiology or medicine."

The assembly, which selects the medicine prize winner, invites nominations from previous recipients, professors of medicine and other professionals worldwide before whittling down its choices in the fall.

Week of prizes

Last year's winners were Britons Sydney Brenner and John E. Sulston, and American H. Robert Horvitz for their discoveries about how genes regulate organ growth and a process of programmed cell suicide. Their findings shed light on the development of many illnesses, including AIDS and strokes. The award for medicine opens a week of Nobel Prizes that culminates Friday with the prestigious peace prize, the only one revealed in Oslo, Norway.

The physics award will be announced Tuesday and the chemistry and economics awards Wednesday in the Swedish capital.

South African writer J.M. Coetzee was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature on Thursday.

The award committees make their decisions in deep secrecy and candidates are not publicly revealed for 50 years.

Nobel, the Swedish industrialist and inventor of dynamite, left only vague guidelines in his will establishing the prizes, first awarded in 1901.

The only public hints are for the peace prize.

The five-member awards committee never reveals the candidates, but sometimes those making the nominations announce their choices.

Nobel watchers say there is no clear favorite for this year's Peace Prize, but some names bandied about include Pope John Paul II, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

A record 165 nominations were received by the February 1 deadline. Even though the committee keeps the names secret, those nominating a candidate often announce their preference.

Other known or likely nominees include Karzai; Cuban human rights activist Oswaldo Paya Sardinas; Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng; former Illinois Governor George Ryan for emptying his state's death row of 167 inmates; former Czech President Vaclav Havel; U2 singer Bono; and Mordechai Vanunu, a nuclear scientist held captive by Israel for treason-related charges.

The awards always are presented on December 10, the anniversary of Nobel's death in 1896.

Copyright 2003 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

this article can be accessed by clicking the following url:

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Saturday, October 4th, 2003
5:15 pm - How to Determine Your Healthy Weight



How to Determine Your Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight does not mean you have to be thin. The Orangeburg, South Carolina Times & Democrat sums it up nicely: "A healthy weight is based on your weight compared to your height, how much muscle you have, and any health problems for which you may be at risk."

The best way to figure out your healthy weight is with the Body Mass Index, a simple and fast computation based on your weight and your height to measure total body fat. It's calculated by multiplying your weight in pounds by 705 and then dividing by your height in inches twice.

Or figure out your BMI the easy way and just click here. Plug in your weight and height and click to calculate your BMI.

If your BMI is...

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<ol="*">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<p><div style="text-align: center;"><img src="http://cdn-channels.netscape.com/cp/fte/healthyweight/i/healthyweight.jpg" width=243 height=300 border=2 alt="healthyweight" align="middle"></div></p> <p><blockquote>How to Determine Your Healthy Weight</blockquote></p> <p>Maintaining a healthy body weight does not mean you have to be thin. The Orangeburg, South Carolina Times & Democrat sums it up nicely: "A healthy weight is based on your weight compared to your height, how much muscle you have, and any health problems for which you may be at risk."</p> <p>The best way to figure out your healthy weight is with the Body Mass Index, a simple and fast computation based on your weight and your height to measure total body fat. It's calculated by multiplying your weight in pounds by 705 and then dividing by your height in inches twice.</p> <p>Or figure out your BMI the easy way and just click here. Plug in your weight and height and click to calculate your BMI.</p> <p><div style="text-align: center;">If your BMI is...</div></p><OL="*"> <blockquote> <LI> 19 to 25: You are a healthy weight.<br> <LI> 26 to 29: You're considered overweight and most likely have an excess of body weight, but not necessarily body fat.<br> <LI> 30 to 39: You're obese and have an excessively high proportion of body fat.<br> <LI> Over 40: You are morbidly obese, which can increase the risk of death from any cause by 50 percent to 150 percent.</OL><br></blockquote> <p>"Our culture creates the impression that everybody needs to be at a weight that makes us look like models and famous people on television and in magazines," exercise physiologist Tabitha Quick told Times & Democrat reporter Sonja Gleaton. "There are a number of factors that we can't control. Our weight is influenced by genetics, body size, age, physical activity, metabolism, and diet history. Two people can live similar lifestyles and have very different weights. While it seems unfair, it is reality."</p> <p><u><cite>As a nation, we're fat. And getting fatter.</u></cite> Unfortunately, there is no quick weight-loss program that works for the long haul. Losing weight safely is a slow and steady process of about 1/2 pound to 2 pounds a week. The best way to do it is to just eat between 300 and 500 fewer calories every day.</p> <p>But consider this: <blockquote>If you lose just 5 percent of your body weight, amazing things happen. First, you'll notice that your clothes fit better.</blockquote> <br>The waistline won't be as tight. Shirts won't be as snug. <br><blockquote>But more important, shedding only 5 percent of your body weight will greatly reduce your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, several types of cancer, asthma, and more, reports Cox News Service. Your "bad" cholesterol will drop. Your "good" cholesterol will increase. Best of all, you will lengthen your life expectancy. </blockquote><br>A little effort. Huge results.</p> <p>Here's a visual aid that might help: "Pick up five pounds of butter and look at the volume," Dr. George Blackburn, associate director of nutrition at Harvard Medical School, told Cox News. "Look at the volume and see how much volume can come off with just five pounds. Easy does it, like the tortoise. That's the healthy way. It's not what you do for eight days, it's what you do for eight years."</p> <a href="http://channels.netscape.com/ns/news/package.jsp?name=fte/healthyweight/healthyweight&floc=wn-nn" target="_blank">Click *here* to access Source article article for this entry.</a>

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4:43 pm - What you drink effects how you look


What You Drink Affects How You Look

How often you drink alcohol, as well as what you drink and how much you drink, can influence your risk of heart disease by impacting the accumulation of abdominal fat, HealthCentral reports of new research from epidemiologists at the University at Buffalo that was published in the Journal of Nutrition. In other words, your drinking habits will affect the size of your waistline, which in turn will affect not only how you look, but also potentially how long you live. The Buffalo researchers, who studied the drinking habits and chronic disease risk of 2,343 randomly selected healthy men and women between the ages of 39 and 75, wanted to find out if the way people drink alcohol affects their abdominal fat accumulation and their risk for heart disease. Some of their findings may surprise you.

Not all body fat is created equal. Find out what kind of body fat is the most dangerous--and how it could lead to an early death.

What is abdominal fat? Abdominal fat, also called "central adiposity," is measured by abdominal height. To get a quick look at how much abdominal height you have, lie down on your back and see how much of your tummy extends above your torso. The more tummy that sticks out, the more abdominal fat you have. What do you drink? The type of alcohol that's consumed seems to contribute differently to the accumulation of abdominal fat. Wine drinkers have the least abdominal fat, while liquor drinkers have the highest. Beer isn't associated with central adiposity.

Do you know what ELSE red wine does for you? Click to find out!

How often do you drink? Men and women who binge drink--that is, drink infrequently but heavily--have more abdominal fat than people who drink small amounts of alcohol on a regular basis--even though the total amount of alcohol consumed over a set period of time may be the same for both groups. The takeaway: Binge drinking packs on the pounds. Interestingly, the University of Buffalo study showed that people who have consumed alcohol within the past 30 days have lower abdominal height than both men and women who abstain from alcohol. How much do you drink? The number of drinks matters. People who drank small amounts of alcohol on a regular basis had the smallest abdominal heights, while those who indulged in binge drinking of three or four drinks on one occasion had the highest measures. Here's the bottom line: For both genders, the more drinks that are consumed in a day, the higher the abdominal measurement.

Find out your Body Mass Index and how to determine your healthy weight.

Soure text for this entry is located here (click on this sentence)

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Thursday, October 2nd, 2003
11:24 pm - Good bye my dears.

    Good-bye List
  1. orangeofwrath,
  2. childofra

I will miss you both.

Kebet, please reconsider undeleting your journal

current mood: wishing you both well

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2:42 pm - Please read and pass this on. Please aid by sending this entry on and purchasing the stamp!


New Breast Cancer Stamp  

ALRIGHT WOMEN/MEN, Lets do this !!!!!! :-) We need those of you who are great at forwarding information to your e-mail network. Please read and pass this on.  

It would be wonderful if 2003 were the year a cure for breast cancer was found!!!! This is one e-mail you should be glad to pass on. The notion that we could raise $35 million by buying a book of stamps is powerful!  

As you may be aware, the US Postal Service recently released its new "Fund the Cure" stamp to help fund breast cancer research. The stamp was designed by Ethel Kessler of Bethesda, Maryland. It is important that we take a stand against this disease that affects so many of our Mothers, Sisters and Friends.  

Instead of the normal 37 cents for a stamp, this one costs 40 cents. The additional 3 cents will go to breast cancer research. A "normal" book costs $7.40. This one is only $8.00. It takes a few minutes in line at the Post Office and means so much. If all stamps are sold, it will raise an additional $35,000,000 for this vital research.  
Just as important as the money is our support. What a statement it would make if the stamp outsold the lottery this week. What a statement it would make that we care. I would urge you to do two things TODAY:

1. Go out and purchase some of these stamps.

2. E-mail your friends to do the same. We all know women and their families whose lives are turned upside-down by breast cancer. It takes so little to do so much in this drive. I think we can all afford the  additional 60 cents  that a book of this stamp costs.  

Please help & pass this on. 


The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential, and/or privileged material. No confidentiality or privilege is waived or lost by any errant transmission. If you receive this message in error, please immediately delete it and all copies of it from your system and notify the sender. E-mail transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses.
Barry University - Miami Shores, FL (http://www.barry.edu)

I wish to thank Amy (the former Black Amber/Jade within the Georgian Wiccan community for sending me this)

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